SEO Tools Comparison: Raven Tools, Moz Analytics, BuzzStream & More


Update March 2019 – (full update and new tools coming shortly) Its been over a year since we last updated the SEO Tools comparison report and as well as updating the 12 tools we’ve reviewed in the past we’re also going to introduce a few more SEO tools which have been making waves in the SEO world. throughout March we will be updating the reviews so be sure to check the intro text to get a view of when the review was carried out. The format will stay the same, we’ve summarised the key features of each tool in the table on this page but for the full review with loads more information about each click through to the review page. 

Whether you’re an agency, in-house or DIY SEO having the right tools for the job can make your life easier and your campaigns more effective. But as SEO becomes a bigger business, the more tools we see released onto the market. The range is massive as well from freebies to big $500/ month subscriptions.

In this review we are going to take a look at 12 of the most popular and talked about SEO tools on the market at the moment-

This isn’t exactly a like for like comparison as these tools each serve slightly different purposes and cater for different users but if you’re weighing up introducing these tools into your SEO process I hope this will give you some pointers as too what each tool can do and how their individual features compare.

At a glance

In a hurry? We’ve summarised the highlights of the SEO tools we’ve reviewed in this post in the table below, but please read on for the full reviews!

[wpc_table id=1]

*Approx price converted from GBP or EURO for the sake of comparison

Our conclusions & the state of SEO tools in 2019

Please do read through each of the tool reviews to find out which tool is right for you. Since the first version of this report each of the tools we’ve looked at have undergone constant changes and improvements. While Raven tools remains our favourite all-in-one SEO tool, boasting the most features and offering the most complete toolset, we have also reviewed individual tools which do a better job in each part of the SEO process. For example, Buzzstream is far better for Link Management and outreach while Link Research Tools is superior for researching and analyzing link prospects. LinkBird takes a similar direction to Raven Tools, offering a comprehensive and complete SEO solution. We liked a lot of its features and the fact it includes rank tracking under one roof is a big bonus.

It’s good to see other tools taking a different direction, however. For example, Buzzstream has resisted the temptation to become anything other than a link building tool and, as a result, is by far the best solution on the market for serious link builders. AnalyticsSEO have developed probably the most enterprise ready SEO tool with powerful reporting features making it a good option for larger SEO agencies.

Moz Analytics remains an extremely popular tool among our readers and the addition of the useful Followerwonk tool to MOZ pro subscriptions is a good bonus for users of this tool. WebCEO’s online version has also made significant steps forward since we first looked at it and AWR is now more relevant than ever as a tool, given Google’s recent moves to remove all SEO keyword data from Analytics reporting, having a clear picture of your search engine rankings is going to be more important than ever.

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