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Introducing the tool

analytics seoAnalyticsSEO

AnalyticsSEO is one of a new breed of enterprise level SEO tools designed to manage the SEO process from start to finish. AnalyticsSEO* was an appealing tool to include in the update to our review because while it boosts enterprise features its pricing starts from £99/ month, which is comparable with the other tools we’ve looked at.

AnalyticsSEO offers a wide range of tools to help with each step of the SEO process and as with Raven and SEOmoz (to a lesser extent) gives you a single management facility for all your SEO activity.

Rank checking

AnalyticsSEO like Moz Analytics also has a built in rank checking feature under its ‘competitive position’ tab. Ranking results have some nice filtering options to help make sense of large keyword data sets and there’s several different views to help analyse your comparative performance month on month. Like Moz, AnalyticsSEO has caps on the number of keywords you can monitor ranging from 2000 to 200,000 keyword checks across different search engines.

A great additional feature of rank tracking in AnalyticsSEO is the Universal Search monitoring that shows you which of your keywords are ranked in universal results like image search, Google places, Google news among others. This is going to be a really useful feature for users who regularly rank in universal results like news and ecommerce sites.

Tracking universal search rankings with AnalyticsSEO

Link management/ analysis

AnalyticsSEO has a slightly different approach in their link building toolset. When you setup a new site on the system they’ll pull in and analyse your link data and start monitoring your links. Within AnalyticsSEO there’s a number of lists of ‘open link sources’ like web directories, article and press release sites which you may want to target for links (depending on the type of campaign you’re running) and the software will also attempt to provide you with lists of relevant high quality websites like universities to target for links. You can also manually add link prospects to the system.

Whether you find this system useful or not will depend on your level of experience and approaches to building links. I can see this being very useful for agencies or in-house departments with junior members of staff tasked with link building who may not be experienced enough to pre-qualify whether a link prospect is valuable or realistic so working off the recommended targets set by AnalyticsSEO would be a good approach. For more experienced link builders or those who have a specific way of building links (like link baiting for example) the process based environment of AnalyticsSEO might be a bit constraining and BuzzStream or Raven, which leave the link research and prospecting up to the user, would probably be better options.

Cool graphs in AnalyticsSEO

Cool graphs in AnalyticsSEO!

Its also worth noting that AnalyticsSEO builds some impressive looking graphs and reports off the back of your link reports which will be great for dropping into presentations if you can get your head around them!

Onsite optimisation

Similar to SEOmoz, AnalyticsSEO gives you a checklist style list of actions to complete in its ‘Site audit’ and ‘On-site’ sections and provides grades on each point so you can see areas which need improvement. For example the screen below shows me I have a number of dead links on my site, drilling down using the ‘optimise’ button will show me which pages have errors which need to be fixed.

Onsite recommendations from AnalyticsSEO

Onsite recommendations from AnalyticsSEO

This type of report could be great for beginners but could also be misleading. For example the pages indexed in Google report tells me I have 13,00x less pages indexed by Google than my competition, indicating this is a critical issue, which it may well be – but it may just as often mean I have a smaller site or my competitor has serious internal duplication problems with their own site. And here inlies the problem with all of these onsite SEO tools for me – technical SEO is rarely black and white so while some of this stuff will be very helpful, again for junior staff tasked with analysing a websites onsite SEO, any changes to your website made for SEO purposes should be done under the instruction of an experienced consultant – no tool we look at here can replicate the human touch and to be honest its unfair to ask them to.

Each recommendation in AnalyticsSEO is backed by clear explanations, but sometimes software can only tell half the story

Each recommendation in AnalyticsSEO is backed by clear explanations, but sometimes software can only tell half the story


AnalyticsSEO ranges from £99- £499+ per month (approx $170-$850 USD in today’s money) with larger plans available for agencies and enterprise clients. As with the other tools the price difference is mostly connected to the volume of sites, keywords and links you need to monitor so agencies with lots of websites will be looking at the agency level plan (£1299/ month) which lets you run campaigns on up to 125 websites and monitor 100,000 keywords. The SME plan (£99/ month) is limited in that you can only monitor 5 domains and 2000 keywords but this does mean the software is within the reaches of small businesses managing their SEO in-house and I think the walk-through approach to SEO campaigns provided by AnalyticsSEO could work well for this type of business, although the huge number of tools and options within the software may be quite daunting at first. (See plans*)


AnalyticsSEO* is the best next generation SEO tool I’ve seen to date. While comparisons with Raven are to be expected the more you work with it (and I’ve only had limited time to play with its features) the more you realise it’s a very different beast. I can definitely see this tool becoming many SEO agencies weapon of choice for campaign management and reporting, but I do feel it needs an expert operator to get the most out of it and the link management tool for me leaves something to be desired if we’re going to class this as an ‘all-in-one’ tool.

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