For marketing, words are everything. But how often do you take the time to ensure your copy is speaking on behalf of you and your company the best way it possibly can?

Celebrating over 3 million podcast downloads, Ciaran and Daniel explore writing tools and techniques to help you boost your marketing efforts. Are you fine-tuning your written and copywriting skills to give your marketing messages the best chance of being read? If your words don’t get read, they might as well not be there. So in this episode, we explore tools, techniques and creative ways to improve your writing and better engage your audience.

Spurred on by our big focus this year on conversion rate optimisation, Ciaran has been on a recent learning drive to seek out tried and tested techniques to give your writing the boost it deserves. We have also been experimenting with some great writing tools that help ensure your writing is technically correct and easier to read. We also explore a few tried and tested classic copywriting formulas that can help to bring both clarity and conversion improvements to your copy.

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