88% of marketers say that video marketing provides them with a positive ROI. So why does video marketing work so well?

In this episode of the Digital Marketing Podcast, we welcome back Jon Mowat to discuss some of the psychology and methodology behind video’s success. Jon explains in detail the five key areas that he believes makes video so powerful; we can touch and feel it, it moves, the extension of personal self, we can target and we can tell emotional stories. Some of his theories are brilliant…

Are people more willing to pay for an object or service they see on their phone than a screen on the other side of the room? If so, what’s the psychological reasoning behind this?

This is not one to miss. If you listen to the end, Jon also reveals how to get a discount for his book ‘Video Marketing; Create Engaging Video Campaigns to Drive Brand Growth and Sales’.

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Jon’s Book – Video Marketing: Create Engaging Video Campaigns to Drive Brand Growth and Sales

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