Does Content Marketing Convert? Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 205


Earlier this year, Ciaran got to talk with Oli Gardner from Unbounce, a leading conversion rate optimisation tool. We explore a little of what Unbounce does but mainly focus on an exciting experiment that Oli ran earlier this year on blog content.

The aim of Oli’s experiment was to see what effect writing a storm of regular content to promote key features their platform offered would have on conversions and the bottom line.

The challenge… create content that drives both product awareness and conversion rates through the roof. Being a conversion rate optimisation specialist, Oli was confident he could ace this mission and significantly ‘move the needle’ of success. However, as you will hear, nothing quite panned out as he expected it to but some fascinating lessons were learned along the way.

Explore Oli’s story and delve into the key learnings and insights from one man’s mission to embark on a veritable marathon of content for conversion.

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