5 Google Tools for Digital Marketers


If there is always one thing that is popular when I blogpodcast or tweet, it’s a good list of digital marketing tools. However, some of the best of these tools are from Google themselves, and after trying to access one today and finding it had been completely rebuilt, I though I’d share five of my favourites, just in case you haven’t come across them yet:

Our Mobile Planet


Need to understand how mobielk is being used in your market? Then look now further. Our Mobile Planet allows you to create custom charts, all about mobile usage, based on the criteria you select. Great for presentations and persuading people of the importance of mobile.

Google Correlate


This one is a little more complex to use than the others, but allows you look at patterns in search over time and find out what other search terms have similar patterns. For example I can see there is a clear connection between the number of people searching the word “bored” and those searching for “online multiplayer game”. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

The Consumer Barometer


This is an amazing tool that gives you insights into how consumers use online and offline in their purchase process. You can select fields like location, demographic and channel and it will visualise the data in a load of useful ways. It’s easier to use than explain so give it a try.

Knowledge Graph Carousel


This is one is less of a tool and more a glimpse into the future of search. Google is making great inroads into understanding the context of what you’re searching for really means. For an example of it in action, do a search for “things to do in london”. Is SEO dead? Discuss…

Google Trends/Insights


Ok. so you’ve probably come cross one of these before, but what you may not know is that they have now been merged into one even more useful tool. Google Trends allows to analyse trends in search over time. So for example if you want to know if people search for “Digital Marketing” or Internet Marketing” you can find out. In this case you’ll see it varies by country and there is a distinct trend toward “Digital” rather than “Internet” in the UK.

Let us know of any other you think deserve a mention.


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