How to View Tweet Stats on Your Twitter Profile


Twitter may have undergone a curvaceous re-design last week, but it’s still sharp where it counts – in the engagement stats department. Twitter makes stats on your tweets supremely accessible by placing a ‘View tweet activity’ icon on each tweet. Here’s a quick guide on how to use this excellent feature.

Tweet stats step-by-step

1. Using a laptop or desktop, ensure you’re logged in to the relevant Twitter account. You can’t view stats on other people’s tweets.

2. Go to your profile

3. Four icons are displayed at the bottom of each tweet: Replies, Retweets, Likes and View tweet activity. The latter is represented by a vertical bar chart symbol. Click the View tweet activity icon.

4. You will now see figures on the tweet’s impressions and engagements. At the top-right you will find a number for Impressions; below this, engagements are broken down into several engagement types, notably including Link Clicks, Likes, Profile Clicks, Retweets, Media Engagements, Detail Expands, Follows.

How to use your tweet activity stats

Viewing tweet stats from your profile is a quick and convenient way to gauge reception to individual tweets on the hoof. We recommend using this approach when you need to quickly appraise a tweet’s performance.

For example, if you’re live tweeting from an event via your laptop, you might consider checking tweet stats at regular intervals. By identifying the tweet copy tactics, media types and structures that seem to be attracting the best engagement rates, you can shape your tweeting strategy as you go. For a reporter live-tweeting from the field, cherry-picking tweets to hone in on will likely be easier than finding insights from a dashboard.

Do keep in mind the ratio of impressions-to-tweets for each post – a tweet with only a few engagements and low impressions may be more suitably crafted than a tweet with loads of impressions and a modest number of engagements.

Tweet activity stats also help us weigh up which tweets are getting people interested in content vs. which tweets are generating interest in your brand. The tweets which get the highest amounts of link clicks may be considered to be the former, while tweets with exceptionally high numbers of profile clicks are the latter.

On-profile tweet stats do have their limitations. For example, they cannot provide you with a holistic overview of your tweet activity, i.e. audience insights and engagement stats for all your tweets over a period. If this is the approach you require, use the Twitter Analytics Dashboard.

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