Digital Marketing Video Episode 1 – Introduction: Digital Marketing Tools, Trends & Best Practice


Introducing Target Internet’s vlog presented by Daniel Rowles. Bringing you the latest Digital Marketing Tools, Trends and Best Practice hands-on advice.

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I’m Daniel Rowles from Target Internet and welcome to this short, introductory video that just explains to you what the channel is all about. One of the key problems with digital marketing is the pace at which it’s moving. There are new channels, new tools, and things are changing pretty much constantly. What we’re going to try and do with this channel is keep you up to date with the latest trends and changes. We’ll point out useful tools, and we’ll try to give you case studies and examples of how you can use digital marketing practice to help achieve your business objectives. Now whether you’re a small start-up, a large corporation, or anything else in between, we’ll try and show you how digital marketing works for you. And along the way, we’re going to point out lots and lots of reports, guides, podcasts, and other documentation that we can give you for free as well. So if you think that might be useful for you, please subscribe to this channel. And also, if you want to leave any comments or any questions, please do so and we’ll try to answer those questions as well.


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