Is Twitter Dead? Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 171


In this episode, as well as shamelessly attempting to get attention with a doom-mongering headline we are discussing all things Twitter. The platform has seen some significant shifts and changes over the last few months so we thought we would share our thoughts on some of the new features. For the record, we don’t think it is dead at all, but the demographics do appear to have shifted.

Under discussion in this episode: 280 character Tweets, Twitter threads, Twitter Assistant, Twitter Promote, Twitter Analytics, Twitter Audiences and Demographic Reports, Twitter videos beta reporting plus, The Twitter Tracking Pixel. Daniel also shares a tool which enables you to analyse the words from any Twitter account to give you a summary of the personality of the account. To demonstrate the power of the tool we set it to analysing The Pope’s Twitter account and conclude he is in the right job.

Useful Links

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Twitter Threads

Twitter Assistant

Union Metrics Twitter Snapshot Report

Twitter Conversion Tracking

Twitter Promote

Ultimate Guide to Twitter Analytics

IBM Watson Twitter Personality Analysis

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