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Snapchat Open Up Their Marketing API


Today  ( 13th February 2018) Snapchat is opening its Marketing API to any developer, big or small, who’d like to access the platform. This gives access to developers around the world to build innovative solutions with our Marketing API...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 174 Effective Email Marketing in 2018

Podcasts, Email Marketing

Listen in and gather some ideas from Email Marketing Expert Philip Story to supercharge your email Communications, for even more success in 2018. Don't miss our recommended email automation and integration tools and free resources with this...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 173 - Snapchat Marketing Strategy

Podcasts, Social Media

We talk to Miri Qylafi from Fanbytes about Snapchat. We discuss where marketers go wrong and Miri shares what works well for an effective campaign on this youth focussed social media platform.

How to Hire a Freelancer

Blog Posts, General Marketing

Did you know there are roughly 4.63 million freelancers in the UK? Many of these flexible workers ply their trade in digital marketing or related industries, and they tend to charge significantly lower rates than digital agencies providing...

Top Digital Marketing Strategy Failures and How to Avoid Them

Blog Posts, Digital Strategy

Let’s whizz through some of the most prevalent digital marketing strategy failures and how to avoid them. If you can cut these common errors out of your work, you’ll likely improve your chances of success. Running campaigns with no...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 171 Is Twitter Dead?

Podcasts, Social Media

We discuss all things Twitter. 280 characters, Twitter threads, Twitter assistant, Twitter Promote, Twitter Analytics, Twitter Audiences and demographic reports, Twitter videos plus Twitter Tracking.

Do Press Releases Work in Digital?

Blog Posts, Comms

Digital press releases must be one of the most controversial tactics in online PR. Should they differ greatly from press releases aimed at traditional media? Does the digital context require a different distribution strategy? And more...

6.5 Disruptive Digital Marketing Technologies To Keep An Eye On In 2018

Blog Posts, Tools & Trends

It's January so we thought we would publish our thoughts on the most significant trends and technologies which we believe will shape digital marketing over the coming year. You can listen in more detail to our opinions as we discuss them in...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 170 2018 Digital Marketing Predictions and Future Trends


Daniel and Ciaran discus their 2018 Digital Marketing Predictions, including Artificial Intelligence, AI, Voice Search, Virtual Reality, VR, Augmented Reality, AR, Oculus Go, Facebook Spaces. Which technologies do you think will be the most...

Episode 169 The Digital Marketing Podcast - 2018 Productivity Tips For Digital Marketers

Podcasts, Tools & Trends

Discover our top tips on producing better and more effective content, how to stay up to date, how to improve your keyword research and how to approach taming your email inbox throughout 2018.

Top Blogs & YouTube Channels For Digital Marketers

Blog Posts, Content Marketing

We share some of the digital marketing focused sources that you can use to keep up-to-speed with news, guidance and in-depth insight.
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