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Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 274 - 7 Fun Email Marketing Tools

Podcasts, Email Marketing

Daniel and Ciaran share some of their favourite recently discovered tools for helping you with email.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 273 - Marketing Content Writing Tools & Techniques

Podcasts, Content Marketing

We explore great writing tools and writing techniques to supercharge your marketing and boost conversion.

Copywriting: How to use the PAS formula

Blog Posts, Communications

The P.A.S. writing formula has been a favourite among advertising copywriters for generations. It's popular because it works. Once you understand how it works, you will start to see this framework in use all over your world.  To write copy...

Owned, Earned & Paid Media In Content Marketing

Blog Posts, Content Marketing

What is meant by owned, earned and paid media? All the content relating to a brand – including articles, videos, blog posts and content of any other type – can be categorised as one of three media types: owned, earned or paid. Owned...

The best video hosting services in 2021

Blog Posts, Tools & Trends

If you’re a marketer in 2021, it’s likely that video is either a key component of your marketing strategy, or something you plan to do more of in future. According to Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing survey 92% of marketers now say...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 272 - Strategy is your Words- An interview with Mark Pollard

Podcasts, Digital Strategy

Want a great approach to Strategy? We speak to Marketing strategist Mark Pollard and get his unique take on the truth behind great strategy.

QR Code Marketing Case Study: “QR codes helped us capture 900 signups”

Blog Posts, Case Study

we speak to MDL Marinas Group marketer Tim Mayer, to learn how his brand captured 900 customer emails last year through a campaign with QR codes at its core.

5 Tools for Better Social Content (and how to use them)

Blog Posts, Social Media/ Tools & Trends

Are you looking for some cool tools that can make your social content more engaging? Check out our top picks.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 271 - Marketing Consent Optimisation

Podcasts, Customer Centricity

Ciaran speaks to Usercentrics, who help companies achieve data permission and compliance that's in harmony with your marketing strategy.

Best guides to social media image & ad sizes 2021

Blog Posts, Social Media

Social media posts and ads rely increasingly on visual content to attract engagement As photos and videos have become more important to social success, knowing exactly how to prepare your rich media for upload has also risen up the agenda...

Google Web Stories: Everything you need to know

Blog Posts, Content Marketing

Most people will be familiar with the stories format. They are vertical, full-screen videos or images that sit apart from your regular feed; usually at the top of the app or page. After 24 hours the stories disappear unless the platform...
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