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Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 200 - Should Your Brand Podcast?

Podcasts, Content Marketing

Podcasting continues to go from strength to strength with international consumption of podcasts growing steadily. With such consistent growth in its consumer base, we thought it was time we explored podcasting as a marketing medium with...

A marketer’s guide to content copyright and media usage

Blog Posts, Content Marketing

Best practices in copyright content and media usage are essential theory for marketers. Without a proper working knowledge, you could leave yourself and/or the brands you represent vulnerable to intellectual property theft, or in legal...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 199- Learn Affiliate Marketing

Podcasts, Online Advertising

We speak to a specialist in Affiliate Marketing, Bruce Clayton from Optimus Performance Marketing. We explore what Affiliate Marketing is and how it works and learn effective tactics and techniques for getting more from your affiliate...

The Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 198 - Yes, You Can Innovate

Podcasts, General Marketing

Ciaran speaks to writer and CEO, Natalie Turner from The Entheo Network. We discuss Natalie's book 'YES, YOU CAN INNOVATE', a practical how-to-guide to help you develop your innovation strengths. The book is designed to help people get...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 197- Conversational AI

Podcasts, Usability

Powered by artificial intelligence, chatbots are cutting-edge software applications capable of having highly personalised and engaging conversations with your customers in messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, on voice platforms like...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 196- Custom Audiences and Retargeting

Podcasts, Online Advertising

We explore more effective retargeting. Daniel shares with us how to build better audiences and target your campaign more effectively. Listen in and start making your campaigns more efficient, and more targeted and loved by your customers.

How to Listen to The Digital Marketing Podcast

Blog Posts, Content Marketing

There are lots of ways you can access all of our podcast content on The Digital Marketing Podcast. This article explains some of the options you have with step by step guidance and instructions.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 195 Tips for Live Video Broadcasts from Michelle Carvill

Podcasts, Social Media

We talk to author Michelle Carvill who share's her learning and tips for live video broadcasts on Facebook Live and other social media channels.

How to conduct a PESTEL analysis

Blog Posts, Digital Strategy

What is PESTEL and how do Digital Marketers use it? PESTEL or PESTLE is a simple acronym framework for assessing the key features of a business’ environment. It helps us to identify business opportunities, such as government initiatives...

Study Your CIM Level 6 Digital Diploma Online with Target Internet

Blog Posts, General Marketing

Find out how you can study online for the CIM Level 6 Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing , with Target Internet. We’re delighted to announce that Target Internet is a fully accredited Online Study Centre for the CIM Level 6 Digital...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 194- Competitor Benchmarking Tools- How do you stack up?

Podcasts, Tools & Trends

Daniel and Ciaran take an in-depth look at all their favourite online tools to help you with any competitor benchmarking you might need to conduct for your digital marketing.
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