The Digital Marketing Podcast Awards


Awards details

Since we started the Digital Marketing Podcast, we have shared and reviewed many of our favourite tools and online services that help to make our jobs easier. For 2019 we decided we wanted to get our listeners involved with highlighting the best tools and website for marketers out there. So it is with great excitement that we announce the start of our new awards for 2019...

Welcome to stage one of The Digital Marketing Podcast Awards. We want to invite you to nominate your favourite must-have digital marketing tools for our 2019 Digital Marketing Podcast Awards. Any favourite marketing tools or sites you use to help add value to your marketing can be nominated. Both free and paid for tools are welcome. If you have developed your own tool or site and you think it adds great value to marketers, don't be shy to nominate yourself.

Nominations for the awards will end on January 31st 2019 when we will judge, shortlist and categorise the nominated tools and make them available for a public vote. We can't wait to see what you share with us so please get nominating.