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Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 133 - Bing Search: Why Should Marketers Care?


Ciaran talks to Simon Jacobson from Microsoft about how Bing is dramatically growing their share of the search market. Discover how they have set about integrating the search functionality they provide into peoples work flow and daily...

Is the Facebook Algorithm Biased?

Blog Posts

We’ll start by saying that the algorithms used to deliver content on online platforms like Facebook Trending, Google Search and Twitter are biased by definition. They prioritise and sort content based on conditions – biases – defined...

Google Launches New Mobile Friendly Testing Tool

News, Mobile Marketing

Google have stepped up their campaign to cultivate a mobile-friendly web, with the launch of a new Mobile Friendly Test tool. The feature can be found in the mobile usability report section of Google Search Console. Google’s existing...

The death of URL shorteners?

News, Social Media

Good news for tweeters Twitter will no longer include image and web links in Tweet character counts. That’s according to US media company Bloomberg, who say they got the scoop from a trusted Twitter insider. The reported relaxation of...

1 in 3 Web Users Research Products on Social Media

News, Ecommerce/ Social Media

A new poll from GlobalWebIndex’s Flagship Report Series has indicated that 1 in 3 web users between the ages of 16-64 use social media to research products, brands or services before making a purchase. The GlobalWebIndex Q1 2016 survey...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 132 - Digital Marketing on a Zero Budget

Podcasts, Content Marketing/ Digital Strategy/ SEO

Following a question from Rick Toon, podcast listener on our LinkedIn group, Daniel talks us through how he’d approach the essentials of digital marketing in terms of services and essentials you should be using.

YouTube for Brands: What is Google Preferred?

News, Content Marketing/ Online Advertising

  YouTube announce changes to Google Preferred ad packages YouTube’s 5th annual Brandcast offered high end advertisers the world over some juicy food for thought. The video-sharing supremos used their moment in the limelight to announce...

3 Key Points from the Latest Google Webspam Report

News, SEO

3 Key Points from the Google Webspam Report We’re now a week on from the release of Google’s Latest Webspam Report . This yearly encyclical from the Godfathers of search is more than just a warning to crafty marketers with a penchant...

How Can You Make the Most of the New Twitter Connect Button?

News, Social Media

New Connect Button to Revolutionise Follow Recommendations on Twitter Twitter has announced a new mobile feature that they’re describing as “a better way to connect with people”. The team behind the avian social platform took to their...

How can small businesses make the most of social media?

Blog Posts, Entrepreneurship/ Social Media

How can small businesses make the most of social media?   There’s a school of thought that says the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are narrowing the social marketing opportunities available to small businesses by giving...

Tips for nailing the right tone of voice for digital

Blog Posts, Content Marketing/ Digital Strategy

Human speech is bewildering in its variety. Our utterances range from phatic conversations to funeral orations, from four-letter insults to declarations of undying love, and everything else in-between and besides. The digital voice also has...
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