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12 and a half Digital Marketing Tools

We are always listening to your feedback, and as Daniel travels the world delivering training, he is often asked for an overview of all the tools he talks about for enhancing and tracking the success of digital marketing campaigns.  In episode 24 of the Digital Marketing Podcast, Daniel talks us through a number of great tools he loves the most and Ciaran chips in a few extra’s he makes use of.  Why twelve and a half?   Well the last one Ciaran threw in doesn’t really help with digital marketing directly, but it is really useful…. and we thought the half thing made for a more interesting title ;-)

You can link to all of the resources referenced in this episode using the links below:-

1- Google Wonder Wheel

On the bottom left of the page, sometimes under “more search options”

2- Keyword Tool

3- Google Insights

4- Ad Planner

5- Microsoft Adcenter Labs

6- Great email service providers…



Is your favourite email service provider not here?  Join in with our ‘great email service providers’ discussion in our linked in group

7- Litmus

8- ViralHeat

9- Radian6

10- Forester Groundswell

11- Digital Life TNS

Daniel’s favourite  Apple gadgets cartoon

12- Webmaster Tools

12.5- Wetransfer
- transfer large files without the need to sign up

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