Usability In-company 1 Day Training course

What is the Usability Course?
We can help you develop skills across the full spectrum of user-centred design techniques, including sessions that will fully review your websites and apps, leaving you with a practical action plan for usability improvements.

The course looks at how we can implement, optimise and measure best practice web content to improve the user journey and maximise the achievement of our business goals.

The course explores topics around usability, content optimisation, online persuasion techniques and user journey best practice. Delegates will leave with a practical understanding of how to plan and optimise effective websites, content and online activity. Online tools and reference materials are highlighted throughout, enabling delegates to leave with solid, hands-on knowledge that they can implement immediately.

What you will leave with

Usability 1 Day Course

This course is aimed at anyone who is involved in planning websites and content, and who is responsible for achieving business objectives.

Customer experience in perspective – core trends and challenges
Understanding audiences and demographic behaviour
Usability best practice
Mapping out the user journey
Creating personas
Personas and digital strategy
Understanding scanning and how content is used
Online persuasion techniques
Cognitive biases
Testing and learning
Marketing ethics
Measurement and analytics
The importance of goals
Visitor flow reports
Content-based reports and advanced goals
Content testing and optimisation
Optimisation and business objectives
Planning exercise: next steps and key takeaways
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Our trainers have extensive experience delivering real-world campaigns for many of the world's leading brands. This means you are not just attending a training course, but will get customised consultative insights and experience throughout the day, with suggested solutions to your individual challenges.

We pride ourselves on delivering training that is fully consultative and outputs plans that can be implemented in the real-world. All of our courses include workshop activities that generate content and plans to help you achieve your business objectives.

  • BBC
  • Tesco
  • Mercedes
  • Sony
  • British Council
Target Internet's first class training helped underpin significant year-on-year revenue uplift within Pearson UK’s team. New techniques learned around digital marketing and lead nurturing allowed the team to improve its efficiency, customer relevance and ultimately generate more marketing qualified leads. It also contributed to the team’s motivation, and sharing of ideas and gave them real perspective on what best practice looks like in B2B marketing. Jean-Michel Maltais, Interim VP Marketing, Pearson
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