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  • The changing sales landscape – how sales has changed and been impacted by digital.
  • Social selling in perspective – what is social selling and why is it essential?
  • The Importance of social profiles – building and managing your personal branding via channels like LinkedIn.
  • Understanding the user journey and sales stages – building a user journey and content map to help drive sales
  • Identifying Prospects – using social channels to build your prospect list and identify ‘hidden’ prospects.
  • Generating engagement – how we can use content and social media to build highly engaged prospects and remove the need for cold contacting.
  • Moving sales forward – moving from engagement to sales meetings and signups.
  • Measuring success – how we can use analytics at every stage of the selling process to budge and benchmark success.
  • Planning workshop – bring it all together. Your step by step takeaway social selling plan.

    By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Build highly effective and persuasive social profiles.
  • Effective manage your personal brand and reputation online.
  • Map out online user journeys and identify content needs and sales opportunities.
  • Grow your social network and build online connections.
  • Used LinkedIn, Twitter and online tools to identify prospects and build prospecting lists.
  • Generate engagement with prospects via content and discussion forums.
  • Move sales forward using direct contact techniques, such as LinkedIn InMails, effectively.
  • Measure each stage of the sales process effectively and easily.
  • Create a practical social selling plan.
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