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  • Digital Strategy in Perspective – why we need a digital strategy and what the core considerations are when building it.
  • Understanding the target audience – understanding the role of techniques like personas and user journey mapping.
  • Tactical channel review – we work through each of the digital marketing channels and make sure we understand the core concepts required for effective implementation.
  • The role of measurement – building an effective digital strategy requires an effective grasp of analytics and measurement.
  • The digital strategy framework – a step by step guide through a highly tested and effective digital strategy framework, including an integrated measurement framework.
  • Strategy workshop – a step by step workshop to develop and build your digital strategy.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Develop and build a digital marketing strategy.
  • Identify business ‘blocks’ that can slow down or prevent the effective implementation of your digital strategy.
  • Be familiar with common solutions to these business ‘blocks’.
  • Understand the core tactical consideration for each of the digital channels to allow you to review activity effectively.
  • Build personas and user journey maps to help you develop effective digital plans.
  • Understand and analyse web and social analytics for integration into measurement frameworks.
  • Build effective measurement plans to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of your strategy.
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