Twitter Announces 140 Second Videos & Viewing Mode Digital Marketing News


Can’t put across your message in 140 characters? How about 140 seconds?

Twitter has announced a trio of updates that will revolutionise how videos are viewed and posted on the platform.

Perhaps the most interesting of the changes will see a significant raising of the upper duration limit on video posts, which can now run up to 140 seconds in length – a huge increase on the previous upper limit of 30 seconds. This policy update represents a seismic shift in video policy at Twitter HQ, in tune with the voguish notion of video as the future of the internet. Vine videos will also be affected.

Not only are Twitter’s video specs changing – so too is its playback interface. When users tap or click a video on their timeline, a full-screen ‘viewing mode’ will launch, complete with suggested videos listed underneath the player.

And last but not least, Twitter are launching a new app: Twitter Engage. In their words, it will “help popular video creators better understand, engage, and grow their audiences on-the-go with real-time data and insights.”
You can read more about Twitter’s video updates at the platform’s official blog.

Action it!

If you’re a digital marketer and you can’t escape the feeling that you should start doing more with video, we would have to say that on some level you are probably right. With Twitter following in the footsteps of the likes of Facebook and Snapchat in giving new levels of precedence to video content, a proficiency for video is becoming par for the course for marketing departments everywhere, from SMEs right up to multinationals. If you don’t have the skills or the staff at present, we would recommend looking into training or hiring on a freelance basis…

…or not. Every business is different, and some are better suited to video marketing than others. Before you put any cash on the table, run a feasibility study. What are your competitors doing with video, if anything? If you do go ahead, start small-scale and work your way up. You could always look up our videos for some inspiration!

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