Topics Covered


Topics Covered – In Company Training

We offer a full range of digital marketing training courses for your team and specialise in creating custom training courses to your requirements. We can also run full skill assessments to discover exactly what your training requirements are and develop custom content accordingly.


Digital Marketing Accelerator

We can provide programmes that cover the full range of digital marketing disciplines to ‘fastrack’ your teams knowledge. These can be purely tactical, strategic or mix elements of both across a full spectrum of knowledge levels.


Social Media

Whether you need to focus on a specific channel or address issues like social media policy, process or management, we can deliver a bespoke social media training course to your needs.


Digital Strategy

We specialise in delivering training that includes elements of consultancy, that help you to not only upskill your team, but also help develop your digital strategy as you work through the training.


Email Marketing

We are experts in delivering email marketing training from the fundamentals through to advanced hands-on sessions that allow you to build, test and deploy your email for maximum impact.


Mobile Marketing

We can deliver bespoke training ranging from optimising mobile search through to building mobile optimised sites and apps. We literally wrote the book on
Mobile Marketing!


Search Marketing

We can deliver Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click training that will not only develop your skills, but also helps you to build a search strategy and tactical plan during our workshops.


Analytics & Data

Not only can we train your team in how to measure your digital activity, we can also help you develop a digital marketing measurement framework and align this with your digital strategy.


Content Marketing

We have extensive expertise in building highly effective content marketing strategies for a wide range of organisations and bring this knowledge to our content marketing training sessions.



We can help you develop skills across the full spectrum of User Centred Design techniques, including sessions that will fully review your websites and apps, leaving you with a practical action plan for usability improvements.

 Topics Covered – Public Courses

We offer a range of highly consultative digital marketing training courses, delivered by experienced practitioners in world-class training facilities. Our course will not only help you develop your skills, but also help you create practical plans to take away and implement in the real-world.


Social Selling – London, UK

Social selling is a hands on and extremely practical guide to selling in a social world. With practical case studies throughout, attendees will leave with the techniques and tools they need to achieve their sales objectives.


Digital Marketing Strategy – London, UK

This intensive course will help you develop and leave after two days with a fully structured digital marketing strategy, for you to take away and implement

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