Top Blogs & YouTube Channels For Digital Marketers


At Target Internet we publish fresh blog and podcast content every week, covering a mix of digital marketing content for all ability levels. Our aim is to create content that’s accessible, jargon-free, and most importantly, useful. But as marketing fanatics, we need input and stimulation from others in our field of work to stay fresh and up to date, so in this post, we thought we would share just a few of the sources of content and inspiration we dip in and out of. Some of these are old favourites, some of these are new and interesting, but all of them will, we hope, offer some further insight and inspiration for your ongoing learning journey.

Keeping up with blogs and YouTube channels is a crucial aspect of ongoing learning on a personal and company-wide level. In this article, we’re going to share some of the digital marketing focused sources that we use to keep up-to-speed with news, guidance and in-depth insight.

Top Blogs For Digital Marketers  

Kiss Metrics
Great for Digital Marketing Stats and Research

Kiss Metrics focusses on analytics, marketing and testing and the content on its blog reflects their specialist knowledge in these areas. They produce some beautifully designed infographics containing the latest digital marketing statistics, studies and tests. You’ll also find lots of useful digital marketing guides that tackle subjects like social media platforms and customer analytics and email marketing.

Great for: SEO

Having started out as a SaaS provider in 2004, Moz quickly grew to become a world-leading authority on SEO.Whilst still highly regarded as a software company, Moz is perhaps now better known as a specialist search marketing content hub. Its editorial focus is mainly on guides and insights, covering topics including blogging, CRO, technical SEO and PPC. More occasionally, Moz Blog publishes news articles on changes and trends in search marketing.

Much of Moz’s content is crowd-sourced from an international community of over one-million digital marketers – which tends to ensure high standards and diversity of content. We recommend checking out Moz founder Rand Fishkin’s weekly blog: Whiteboard Friday.

Top tip: Moz Blog’s ‘Basic SEO’ and ‘Advanced SEO’ blog categories provide an easy way to find the right content to add value to your work.

Litmus blog
Great for: Marketing Email & Design Best Practice

In much the same way as Moz, mail marketing software specialists Litmus have branched out to become a community and content hub in their niche. In our view, their email marketing related content is unrivalled for quality and variety.

One of the best things about Litmus is the mix of content types they publish, which includes email design case studies, infographics, spotlight articles, webinars and e-books. This makes Litmus an ideal choice for digital marketers who want to vary their learning types.

Marketing Land
Great for: Hard Digital Marketing News As It Happens

Much of the marketing news content published online is the product of second-hand reporting. Publishers stitch together existing content into “new” articles, which can lead to the dilution of the content’s original value and quality.

Marketing Land bucks this unfortunate trend by producing high quality, original news journalism on all things digital marketing. Read a few of their interviews and you will notice plenty of original quotes from sources at social media companies, search engines and so on.

They also publish crowd-sourced guides and thought leaders – but its Marketing Land’s news coverage that creates its unique value.

For specialist search marketing content, check out the affiliated site Search Engine Land.

Great for: Tech Culture

Mashable is a great resource for marketers who want to keep their finger on the pulse in terms of where digital is going next. Come here to find assured, well-informed content covering tech business news and digital trends.

Occam’s Razor
Great for: More Advanced Analytics Content

Occam’s Razor is written by Avinash Kaushik, one of the worlds leading experts on Analytics.  You’ll find in-depth how-to guides and information on a wide range of topics, including, competitive intelligence analysis, analytics tips, qualitative analysis and more. We’d also recommend signing up for Avinash’s Email newsletter as he often shares content with his subscribers that you just don’t see on his blog.

Google Webmaster Central Blog
Great for: Keeping up-to-date with Google

Keeping track of the Webmaster Central Blog is a must for search marketers and website administrators. Look out for updates on Webmaster Tools and Search Console features – implementing these as they happen may improve the website and search performance.

Seth Godin’s Blog
Great For: Regular Marketing Inspiration

Seth Godin has been publishing some of the most influential books on business since the 1990’s and his blog is in our opinion a must. He posts blogs on his Typepad blog most days. Some of his posts are short, some of them longer form but always insightful and enriching. Subscribe by email on the blog for daily inspiration in your inbox. We have been through many many blog subscriptions like this over the years but Seth’s content is always in our daily fix. A real master of the art of engaging an audience. Follow and learn.

Great YouTube Channels For Digital Marketers

Great for: Exec-level Strategy

The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s official YouTube channel features a great mix of content, including expert interviews, webinars and bitesize tips.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll find this channel particularly helpful for the guidance it has to offer on high-level strategy and corporate best practice.

Linus Tech Tips
Great for: Tech Insights

It’s part of a digital marketer’s job to maintain an up-to-date understanding of the tech people are using to access digital content.

Given the proliferation of device types – let alone devices – available to consumers, it would be nigh-on impossible to get first-hand, practical experience of every device your audiences are using. However, you can effectively give yourself a fuller picture of how people are experiencing digital by watching video reviews and explainers about emerging tech and hardware. Head over to Linus Tech Tips’ clear and accessible channel to do just that.

Great for: YouTube Marketing Tips

If you are looking for tips, tricks and techniques to make your Youtube channels content perform better then we recommend taking a look at David Walsh’s YouTube channel. David produces some great video content in a short bite-sized and entertaining way and has used his knowledge and techniques to grow his own channel successfully. He’s usually one of the first with any news or changes to YouTube and we think offers a really great channel to follow with regular and interesting content. The style is somewhat larger than life, but over time you grow to love that.

Great for: Advice For Digital Entrepreneurs

Here’s one for the entrepreneurs amongst you.

Serial business builder Gary Vaynerchuk coaches Fortune 500 companies on how to do digital business – and given the sheer variety of videos on his channel, there’s good reason to believe he’ll have something to teach you too. Vaynerchuk posts several vlogs per week on subjects including social media, business and psychology. His style might be a little over-the-top for some viewers’ taste.

Jon Loomer
Great for: Facebook Marketing

Jon Loomer creates short, simple and highly effective how-to videos on Facebook marketing techniques. The channel is promoted as a place to learn advanced techniques, but it actually caters for a fairly wide ability range, with recent topics including how to create an offer, lookalike audiences, and how to use creative split testing.

How to use blogs and YouTube channels to support your development

We recommend following blogs and YouTube channels as a weekly fixture of your work. This can be a big ask for time-poor digital marketers, and as such it’s important to get the most out of the time you put in. One great tip we often share is to make use of a service like Feedly to help pull all your favourite content sources into one place you can easily and regularly review.

Every month or so, ask yourself the following questions about the blogs and YouTube channels you follow:

  • Is the content insight-rich and actionable?
  • Does it offer measurable benefit to your work/career?
  • Do you enjoy it?

If the answer to all three is “yes”, stick with it. If not, shop around.


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