Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Business Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 172


This episode was recorded back in November, but we have been saving it for the new year as we felt it might well inspire the budding entrepreneurs among you.

We were invited to speak to an audience of Tech entrepreneurs and App Developers at the GDV DevFest Event, London. GDV DevFest is the largest free community-created tech conference in the UK and a joint event run by the Google Developer Group Community and University College London ( UCL).

The topic we were asked to talk about was Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Business. What followed was a rather candid discussion between Daniel and Ciaran exploring some of the challenges any new start-up company faces and how we overcame them. Some of this, regular listeners to the podcast will be familiar with, but some of the insights are shared here for the first time and we hope you will find them useful and of interest.

In the discussion, Daniel shares:-

  • What drives the company,
  • Top tips on building and managing partnerships,
  • Managing cash flow,
  • Thoughts and downsides of Venture Capital Funding
  • How companies are valued and how you can maximise value
  • How our distributed team setup functions
  • Unusual places we work
  • The multiple benefits of Podcasting for your business

We also explore a number of keys to success that we have discovered on ourĀ 7-year journey with Target Internet.

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GDV DevFest London
Google Trends

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