Is Your Customer Ad Experience Good Enough? Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 157


Daniel and Ciaran explore the importance of taking a good look at the experience your customers have of your brand or organisation when they experience your advertising online.  What is it like to be on the receiving end of your brand advertising campaigns?

In this episode, we explore some issues around online advertising tech and experience.

Banner advertising, in particular, has had a bit of a reputation of being forced upon users.  Retargeting was supposed to help this but is often abused by marketers ( or their agencies) leading to a less than positive experience.

Daniel discusses programmatic advertising and some of the pitfalls of the technology. If you are using it, do you understand how it is impacting on your customer experience of your brand?

We also discuss the IAB’s self-regulatory initiative for online advertising. Is this the answer to ensuring consumers are not annoyed by over persistent online advertising?

For a  long time now the Ad blocker debate has been raging between users who want to take control back of their online experience and Advertisers who want to ensure their all valuable content is paid for and monetised. Are micro payments the solution?

Over the last few months, we have noticed some interesting moves from Google who have taken some steps to try and encourage advertisers to re look at the advert experience and take action to improve it. For a long time now they have promoted a good match between users to search intent and the advertising displayed in search engine results through their innovative Ad quality score. Could we be seeing Google applying the same approach to encourage a win win advertising approach in display advertising with changes recently made on their Ad network and within Google Search Console reports? Is this real evidence that Ad experience will influence your Organic Search engine positions in the future? All of this and more are under discussion in this week’s episode.

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