Snapchat Open Up Their Marketing API


Today  ( 13th February 2018) Snapchat is opening its Marketing API to any developer, big or small, who’d like to access the platform. This gives access to developers around the world to build innovative solutions with our Marketing API that have the potential to reach our 180M+ daily mobile users worldwide and 60m in Europe. Alongside this announcement, Snapchat has been riding high on a wave of success with the recent statement that Snapchat’s daily user numbers were up over 15% year on year in Europe to 60m daily users. Revenue was also reported up 167% year on year in, and average revenue per user (ARPU) was up 135% in the same period in Europe making the social media property an unusually hot topic for stock market investors recently.

Over the past 12 months, Snapchat has been undergoing a major push towards being a more programmatic business. As Evan Spiegel said in the first annual earnings call this week: “Our advertising business changed profoundly over the past year as we migrated the sale of our Snap Ads to an automated auction. Over 90% of Snap Ads were bought programmatically during Q4, which means that the auction transition for Snap Ads is largely behind us.”

Launched in October 2016, Snapchat’s Marketing API has been only available to a handful of established technology companies in the Snapchat Partners program. They use the API to develop tools that satisfy the needs of the world’s largest advertisers.

Beginning 13th February, Snapchat’s Marketing API will be open to any agency, brand, or tech partner to integrate — no matter the size, scope, or scale of the software being built. This democratises who can leverage the API to automate their ad efforts. It also opens up the doors for developers to develop and sell third-party tools for advertisers to use.

 “We’ve been listening closely to third-party developers as we transition Snapchat ad products onto our self-serve platform. Today we’re opening up our Marketing API to give every developer tools to build the Snapchat ad solutions that perform best for them and their customers.” – James Borow, Director of Revenue Programs, Snap

So what does this announcement mean for marketing on the Snapchat platform?

  • Developers will be able to more easily layer on proprietary data sets to enhance targeting, creative, and measurement across all advertising efforts.

  • E-commerce retailers will be able to programmatically optimise for hot products as inventory levels change — aka stop ads for a product if inventory gets low; start ads when stock is replenished.

  • Marketers can use real-time stats pipelines to inform cross-channel marketing decisions.

  • Marketers will be able to ingest ad metadata and performance metrics into their data warehouse for  better analysis and stronger more data led decision making.

  • With the API now open to all, you could even get creative and start your own niche ad tech company.

We look forward to seeing a whole host of new and creative ways to promote content on Snapchat as developers explore and build on the newly opened API. What remains to be seen is how Snapchat’s youth based audience will react to how advertisers and brands do with their new found powers. As James Borrow points out above Snapchat have been listening to advertisers, but will they also be listening to their user’s reaction to what the ‘democratisation’ of their marketing platform ushers in? Whatever the outcome, we are quite confident it’s going to be an interesting year ahead for Snapchat.

Interested in the Snapchat Platform? Check out these recent stats from Snapchat about their platform. You should also listen to our recent podcast interview about Snapchat Advertising.

UK SNAPCHAT STATS (Updated Jan 18)

  • Snapchat has over 10m daily users in the UK. (Snap Inc. Oct 2016)
  • 77% of Snapchat’s 10m+ daily users are aged 18+ – with 43% of this number parents. [Snap Inc. Oct 2016]
  • Snap reaches over 70% of the 13-34 year-old population in the UK. [Snap Inc. Q3 17 Earnings Call]
  • Over 25% of smartphone users in the UK use Snapchat every day. [Snap Inc, Nov 17]
  • Millions of UK Snapchatters are exclusive to Snapchat and cannot be reached by other apps; on any day 41% of Snapchat’s 10m daily users cannot be reached by Instagram, 35% by Facebook, 64% by YouTube and 93% by Twitter. (App Annie, Nov 17)  
  • 31% of UK Snapchatters watch TV for less than 1hr a day. (Greenberg, June 17)

Useful GLOBAL SNAPCHAT STATS (Updated Jan 18)

  • 187 million people use Snapchat every day, including over 60m in Europe.
  • On average daily users visit Snapchat 25 times a day and create 20 Snaps a day.
  • Snapchatters spend 30 minutes every day on Snapchat with Snapchatters under 25 spending 40 minutes a day.
  • Over 3.5 billion Snaps are created every day on Snapchat.
  • Over ten billion videos are watched on Snapchat every day.
  • Over 60% of daily users create Snaps with the Camera every day, and use Snapchat’s Creative Tools to enhance over 60% of the Snaps they send.
  • One in three daily users play with Lenses everyday, spending on average three minutes a day doing so.
  • Over 3 billion Snaps with Geofilters are viewed on Snapchat every day.
  • Bitmoji was the most downloaded app in 2017. Snapchat was second. (Apple, Dec 17)
  • Snapchat has likely become the world’s most-used camera. With more than 3.5 billion Snaps created every day, this is now greater than the number of photographs taken every day across all phones, tablets, and digital cameras combined. (Infotrends, Nov 17)


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