Ciaran speaks to Richard Jones, the CEO of Wayin, a platform that sets out to help marketers to easily configure engaging digital experiences that can be published to owned, earned and paid channels. We discuss why Richard started Wayin and explore how they help overcome some of the key challenges marketers face when trying to connect with consumers in the fragmented digital landscape of 2018.

Faced with such a fragmented landscape, how should marketers and brands be connecting with consumers? Which platforms and technologies should you be harnessing and how can you create seamless campaigns which your audience can consume natively on the platforms and locations they are using? How can marketers build a better brand experience for Consumers and what levels of interaction can you expect if you embrace some of the new ways of brands are harnessing to develop not only an advertising experience but a useful consumer experience? All this and more are under discussion in this episode.

Shortly after we recorded this episode, Wayin announced the launch of Social Stories and Enhanced Content Displays, a suite of tools that help brands create compelling and interactive content for social media platforms and ad networks.

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