Online Digital Marketing
Course Topics

Module Topics Level Description Id
Personalisation Email Marketing Intermediate

This course explores how personalisation can be used to get engagement with our content, help our target audience and drive business objectives as well as cover the technology we need to achieve it.

The Ansoff Matrix Digital Strategy Intermediate

What the best way to grow your business and what are the risks involved in different approaches you may take? The Ansoff matrix helps to analyse possible strategies and what level of risk is involved.

RACE Framework Digital Strategy Foundation

The RACE model is a strategy planning model widely used and respected in digital marketing. This course introduces the model and highlights key resources to use the framework in your planning. 

McKinsey Consumer Decision Jou Digital Strategy Intermediate Why is the consumer journey no longer a linear one and how are really making buying decisions? The Consumer Decision Journey from McKinsey shows us a way of considering how consumers make their choices. 93796
Digital Trends January 2019 Tools & Trends Foundation What should you be looking out for in the coming months and what are other organisations working on? In our regular trends update we take a look at the key digital marketing trends. 93794
SWOT and TOWS Analysys General Marketing Foundation SWOT is a useful technique for understanding strengths and weaknesses, for identifying the opportunities open to you and threats you face. TOWS takes this further allowing you use it to build plans. 93139
Pestel Analysis General Marketing Foundation What external factors can impact our ability to implement a digital strategy? PESTEL is a framework that can help analyse the external environment or organisation where a strategy will be delivered. 93132
CIM qualification study guide CIM Qualification None Get step-by-step guidance on how you can study for a CIM qualification, including all details of costs, study materials and the assignment process. Start improving your career and get recognised! 91426
Editing Movies on your Phone Content Marketing Foundation Editing and sequencing video well is critical to how professional and effective our videos are. We guide you through core techniques and functionality that will help you create successful videos. 92784
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