Online Digital Marketing
Course Topics

Module Topics Level Description Id
Instagram for Business Social Media Foundation

This module looks at how Instagram can be used for business exploring key success factors and analytics.

Forresters 5 Is of Digital Eng Digital Strategy Foundation

In this course we discuss the purpose of the 5 Is, what each I stands for, and how marketers can use Forrester’s framework to optimise digital customer engagement throughout the user journey.

The SAF Model Digital Strategy Foundation

The SAF model is designed to allow you to evaluate strategic options, and in this course we explore the model and how it can be applied to your digital marketing.

The STP Model Digital Strategy None

This course explores the three stages of the STP model, segmentation, targeting and positioning, and how they can be used to tailor our marketing activities keeping the focus on our customers.

Digital Trends October 2019 Tools & Trends Foundation
What key trends can you expect in the coming months and what new tools and techniques are now available?  Our latest course will update you on these tools, techniques and trends.
Lauterborn 4 Cs of Marketing General Marketing Intermediate
Lauterborn’s 4 Cs of marketing and business strategy framework, in this course we cover the theory behind each of the 4 Cs, and how they work together as a marketing mix model.
4 Cs of Marketing Communicatio Communications Intermediate
This course explores the 4 Cs of marketing communications and then moves on to look at how the 4 Cs of marketing communications can be used in practice.
The Deming Cycle General Marketing Intermediate
The Deming Cycle can help improve lots of different aspects of how marketers work, from marketing workflow to team structure and the tactics used with specific marketing channels such as social media.
Employee Advocacy Communications Foundation How can we leverage our employees and other stakeholders to help achieve our social objectives? This course shows a step by step process for driving employee advocacy and measuring success. 94852
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