Online Digital Marketing for Teams Course Topics

Module Topics Level Description Id
CIM qualification study guide CIM Qualification None Get step-by-step guidance on how you can study for a CIM qualification, including all details of costs, study materials and the assignment process. Start improving your career and get recognised! 91426
Reporting Dashboards Analytics & Data Intermediate To drive effective campaigns we need data from multiple sources presented in easy to understands ways. Find out how Dashboarding can help you achieve this. 92437
Digital Loyalty Programmes Digital Strategy Intermediate Drive increased loyalty and revenue from existing customers, as well as encourage new custom. This course explores technologies and techniques to build a successful digital loyalty programme. 92436
Digital Trends July 2018 Tools & Trends Foundation In our regular update of the latest trends and changes in digital, we look at developments in Augmented Reality, a host of social media platform changes and some new creative video opportunities. 91350
AI and Chatbots Usability Intermediate What are chatbots and how can they be used within your digital marketing? What is AI and how does it relate to chatbots? This course explores these questions and provides a range of useful resources. 91351
Digital Marketing Channel Mix Social Media Foundation What is the right combination of digital channels to achieve your business objectives? This course explores the concept of marketing mix and how to apply a measurement based approach to get it right. 91349
Digital Marketing Organisation Digital Strategy Intermediate Where should digital fit into your organisation and how can it operate in a fast changing environment? This course explores structural options and topics like agile working.  91348
The Social Media Honeycomb Mod Digital Strategy Foundation The Social Media Honeycomb model is a checklist of considerations for selecting and working with social media channels. Explore the different considerations and how the model can be used in practice. 91342
Stakeholder Management Comms Foundation Who are the key people that can help your project succeed or fail? Stakeholder management is a process for identifying, analysing and engaging with the most important individuals for your project. 90840
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