Online Digital Marketing for Teams Course Topics

Module Topics Level Description Id
Stakeholder Management Comms Foundation Who are the key people that can will help your project succeed or fail. Stakeholder management is a process for identifying, analysing and engaging with the most important individuals for your project. 90840
Online Writing Techniques Content Marketing Foundation What are the key techniques to use for effective online writing? This course explores topics such as calls to action, A/B testing as well as SEO and organisational guidelines. 90838
Writing Online Press Releases Content Marketing Foundation Do online press releases work and what is their role in a noisy and content fuelled digital world? Learn what differentiates success from failure and follow this best practice guide. 90636
User Journey Mapping Content Marketing Foundation Using personas and user journey maps is the key to an effective digital marketing approach. Learn the core techniques and processes in this step by step approach. 90634
Stakeholder Mapping Comms Foundation Defining stakeholders is essential for running successful projects, yet mapping is often not a formal part of most projects plans. Learn the core skills of stakeholder mapping to ensure project success. 90479
Blogger Outreach Social Media Foundation Blogger outreach can amplify your social media efforts and boost your search optimisation. Learn the key steps in building a successful blogger outreach campaigns including identifying influential blogs, managing outreach and measuring success. 90309
Latest Trends Jan 2018 Tools & Trends Foundation In our latest trends update discover changes to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, as well as range of new features and changes to Google, plus data technologies you should look out for this year. 90300
Understanding GDPR Email Marketing Foundation Do you know what GDPR is and how it will impact your business? Find out what you need to do to make sure you are prepared for GDPR in this step by step guide. 89990
Multi-Channel Funnels Analytics & Data Foundation Multi-Channel Funnels is one of the most important reports in analytics, but it is often overlooked and not understood. Find out out how you can use it to calculate the ROI of your digital activity. 89988
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