Online Digital Marketing for Teams Course Topics

Introduction to Email AutomatiEmail MarketingFoundation

This course looks at what email automation is and how it can be utilised effectively to grow your business and build customer relationships.

Introduction to GA4Analytics & DataFoundation

This course introduces the functions of Google Analytics 4 in preparation for the replacement of Universal Analytics (GA3) in July 2023.

Calculating ROIGeneral MarketingFoundation

In this online course we'll look at what ROI is and why it's important to our digital marketing planning.

SMART Digital Marketing ObjectDigital StrategyFoundation

In this course we'll look at what SMART objectives are and how they can be useful when planning your digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing January 2022Tools & TrendsFoundation

This January 2022 trends course looks at a range of topics that are impacting digital marketing currently including unified personalisation, skills focus and relationship and community building.

Loyalty LadderGeneral MarketingFoundation
This course looks at how the loyalty ladder can create customer experiences and content that encourages repeat engagement with your product, service and brand.
TikTok For BusinessSocial MediaFoundation
This course looks at the benefits of using TikTok for marketing and introduces its unique functionality which can help engage customers.
Digital Marketing Case StudiesDigital MarketingFoundation

Digital marketing is changing quickly and changing the world around us. This course provides some powerful case studies of just how this is happening.

Gantt Chart for Digital MarketDigital StrategyFoundation

Learn how to use Gantt Chart for project management when creating a digital marketing strategy and create an efficient and visual way of displaying tasks that helps with prioritisation.

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