Online Digital Marketing for Teams Course Topics

Module Topics Level Description Id
Managing Agencies General Marketing Foundation Using agencies can be a great way to grow you digital capability, but how can you get the most out of the services they provide. This course explores choosing, bridging and working with agencies. 89001
Digital Strategy Models Digital Strategy Foundation "What is the best way to plan your digital activity? This course explore a range of different strategy models and shows how you can ally them to your digital activity. " 88999
Digital Trends July 2017 Tools & Trends Foundation In the latest of our regular updates, we explore the changes in social advertising and paid search, we look at a controversial new feature in Snapchat and how digital channels are impacting each other. 88674
Tone of Voice Comms Foundation Understanding what our brand standsĀ for is at the core of effective communications and can be the difference between success and a crisis. Explore key considerations and elements of an effective tone of voice. 88755
Media Handling Comms Foundation Understand the motivation and objectives of the media can helps to manage media relationships effectively. Avoid the common mistakes and build positive media relationships with the hanbds-on guidance in this course. 88754
Events Management Comms Foundation Events are a great opportunity to driving our communication agendas and creating engagement, but poor event management can do more damage than good. Learn how to run successful events and how to avoid common pitfalls. 88753
Print Photography Comms Foundation What are the risks of using stock photography? How can you manage a photo-shoot professionally and efficiently? All these questions and more are answered in this highly practical course. 88756
Evaluating Offline Communicati Comms Foundation How can we understand what impact activities like print advertising, PR and events have on our bottom line? This course explores what we should measure and the connection between online metrics and offline activity. 88668
Visual Engagement Comms Foundation What kind of images work and how do they impact the results of our campaigns? This course explores the core elements of visual communications and how they can drive our communication objectives. 88696
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