Online Digital Marketing for Teams Course Topics

Module Topics Level Description Id
Writing Effective Titles and H Content Marketing Foundation Well written titles have a huge impact on the success of your content. This course guides you through what works, what doesn't, and how to get the most from every piece you produce. 88091
Digital Psychology Usability Intermediate Why do people click on a particular article or choose to buy a particular product? This course introduces digital psychology and walks you through a series of cognitive biases you can use to drive your desired outcomes. 88087
Marketing Models
The 7Ps
General Marketing Foundation Where should you focus marketing efforts once you have a clear strategy? This module explores how the 7 P’s models can help you evaluate and improve all of your tactical efforts. 87625
Marketing Models
The 7S
General Marketing Foundation How can you plan to manage strategic change effectively? The 7 S Framework highlights key areas we need to consider when implementing strategic change, including a process of digital transformation. 87611
Snapchat for Marketing Social Media Foundation Is Snapchat the right social channel for your audience and how does it work in practice for marketing? Understand the fundamentals of Snapchat and what it can do for you. 87479
Guide to Cookies Digital Strategy Intermediate What are cookies, how can we use them effectively and what are the privacy implications? This course will give you a guide to everything a marketer needs to know. 87473
Digital Trends January 2017 Digital Strategy Foundation In our latest 6 monthly update, we explore a range of updates that will impact your digital activity, including new technologies, social platform changes and changes to Google search. 87336
Content Distribution Content Marketing Intermediate Simply building content and hoping people will find it is no longer an effective strategy. This course helps you build a full content distribution plan as well as setting metrics from the outset. 87344
Search Console Part 1 Analytics & Data Intermediate Google Search Console helps you manage and improve your website to maximise search rankings and the user experience. Walk through each of the core reports and what they mean to you. 87222
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