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What is the Digital Marketing Course?
This course covers the full range of digital marketing disciplines to ‘fast-track’ your team’s knowledge. These can be purely tactical, strategic or mix elements of both across a full spectrum of knowledge levels.

This intensive three-day course will give attendees a thorough understanding of how digital marketing can be used effectively, and provide a set of tools and techniques they can take away and use immediately.

As well as covering each of the different digital channels and best practice for their use, the course will also cover strategic planning and the effective use of data and analytics for calculating ROI.
Using practical examples from relevant organisations throughout, and giving attendees the opportunity to try out various tools and techniques, the course will take a real hands-on and practical approach.Attendees will be provided with a full set of support materials, including a digital marketing toolkit that documents all of the tools discussed and a range of blogs, podcasts and videos to reinforce their learning.

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