New Connect Button to Revolutionise Follow Recommendations on Twitter Digital Marketing News


Twitter has announced a new mobile feature that they’re describing as “a better way to connect with people”.

The team behind the avian social platform took to their blog on May 3rd to announce the addition of a new ‘Connect’ tab to their frontend design. A tap of the tab will display a list of personalized account recommendations (accounts you may wish to follow), based on “who you already follow, Tweets you like, popular accounts in your local area, what’s happening in the world right now, and more”.

The ‘Connect’ feature will be available exclusively on Twitter for Android and iOS – if you’re using another platform or OS you will just have to hold their breath and pick up on follow suggestions from the ‘Who to Follow’ widget on your Home feed, as usual. There’s still no word on the precise detail of how the algorithm used to generate suggestions in the new ‘Connect’ tab will differ from the algorithm that generates the existing ‘Who to Follow’ recommendations.

One way in which the new feature certainly will differentiate itself is by telling the user the main reason they have been provided with each suggestion. The tab will also allow users to track down address book recommendations by uploading their contact details. Web users can already import their Gmail or AOL contacts using the ‘Find friends’ feature.

Action it!

For those of you who haven’t done so already, this announcement serves as a timely reminder of the audience-building opportunity that lies in regularly importing your contact book to your Twitter account.

Connecting with your existing network on Twitter is smart for all sorts of reasons – of which we’d say these are the most valuable:

  • Reciprocity – contacts who are familiar with your brand are likelier to follow back and interact.
  • Show you care – think of following a business contact on Twitter as a droplet of instant good B2B karma! It’ll also show the contact that you’re invested in promoting your own business.
  • Optimise your follow suggestions – your established contacts are likely to be highly relevant to your business and its services. Follow them all in bulk and Twitter’s new ‘Connect’ tab or traditional ‘Who to follow’ recommendations will likely start displaying some highly relevant leads for your future business. Perhaps it’s no mistake that the two sides of Twitter’s new mobile feature relate with such synergy.

It’s too early in the day to say whether Twitter’s ‘Connect’ recommendations will represent any tangible improvement on previous efforts. Please do let us know what you think when you’ve taken a look for yourself – we’re always very interested to hear your thoughts.

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