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Callouts and reviews went live last week

Bing Ads have revamped their ad extension offering – and aped market leaders Google AdWords – by adding callout and review extension functionality to search campaigns and ads. The new extensions will allow marketers to flesh out their ads with extra snippets of copy and third party reviews. The updates were rolled out to all Bing Ads markets worldwide last week, with the exception of Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Long awaited by many in the paid search industry, the update will allow search marketers to create Bing ads that more closely resemble existing Google AdWords Ads. AdWords bosses might reflect that imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Each Bing Ads campaign will now support as many as twenty callouts. The minimum valid number of callouts has been fixed at two.

Bing Ads are instructing users that review extensions must be linked to “reliable, well-established and trusted sources.” Paraphrasing will be permitted, on the provision that the meaning of the review has been represented accurately.

Action it!

If you’re a Bing Ads user, waste no time in setting up some ad variants equipped with callout and review extensions, to test against your existing ads. You should find configuration options for both new extension types in your Bing Ads UI, and the setup process will be simple enough – especially if you’ve used the equivalent extensions in AdWords.

Review extensions are an especially effective tool, with the power to boost conversions by a significant factor. Including a link to the source of the review quoted in the extension is mandatory – but you won’t pay for any clicks through that particular link.

Make the most of the review extension feature by using positive reviews from prestigious resources with high brand recognition. Linking to a review source which features a link to your brand’s website will likely encourage optimal traffic gains.

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