John Lewis Christmas Cuteness and Kat Von D Lipstick Foul-up – The Best and Worst Of The Week’s Digital Marketing


The best….

John Lewis have done it again, with this year’s Christmas ad offering a heartwarming tale of friendship between a bear and a hare. For the past 3 years John Lewis have come up trumps with their Christmas ads, using storytelling to convey a Christmas message that goes beyond purely product pushing.

Editor: I love the ad, it’s very smart that the animation style is similar to Watership Down and will be familiar to many of the target audience and it really does the trick emotionally. It was hand drawn frame by frame and was created by Aaron Blaise,the artist behind The Lion King and Pocahontas. It also cost over £1M, which I actually think was good value – many people have argued that this was a ridiculous budget, but I disagree. I’m not normally one for traditional “brand” based advertising, but I have to admit I love this one. I’ll be sick of it soon though I’m sure…..

The ad is really rather delightful and, for the more sentimental amongst us, actually quite moving. (Yes I shed a few tears) Much like the romantic snowmen video from last year, it aims to capture a feeling and an idea of what Christmas evokes for those of us who get completely caught up in it, and this year’s hype shows just how popular these notions are.

The video was posted only 4 days ago and already has had more than 4 million views on YouTube as well as a full length film version shown in the ad break during Saturday’s X Factor.

Not only have they created a memorable ad, but John Lewes have managed to position themselves as major contributor to the Christmas build up, with the release of each ad being an established ‘event’ in the Christmas calendar.

And the worst….

This one is a rather obscure story from the US and involves a lipstick, yes you read that right. Makeup retailer Sephora recently stocked a lipstick designed by tattoo artist Kat Von D entitled ‘Celebutard’. The term was coined to describe certain celebrities whose fame is not based on any real talent and it is not particularly flattering. Following a very public outcry over the name, including organisations such as Down Syndrome Uprising Sephora pulled the offending item from its shelves and apologised for any offence caused.

However Kat Von D, the artist behind the range was not so supportive and tweeted this delightful message ‘At the end of the day, it’s just a f**king lipstick’ before deleting her comment’. Nothing like a bit of a celebrity tantrum to completely undermine the corporate party line.

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