How long will it take Elearning Module



And how long will it take?


To celebrate the launch of the new Digital Skills Benchmark, we are offering you the possibility to audit a team of up to 10 people completely for free. To start you’ll need to complete the form at the bottom of this page, we will then get in touch with you and ask you identify the team members you want to include in the free digital marketing skills benchmark.


We send out direct invitations to the team members to create an account, in a dedicated page. They are then, individually, asked a series of questions across digital marketing disciplines from Analytics & Data through to Usability, the quiz takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. These questions align their knowledge with industry best practice to identify their strengths and weaknesses.


Each team member will be able to see their individual results straight away in the form of a spider chart and a written analysis. We then combine their results and provide you with a report detailing where your team is and how that compares with other organisations in your industry, completely free for up to 10 people.

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