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Google have launched a new free-to-use version of Google Analytics Data Studio*. Free DS will allow individuals and small teams to utilize a suite of eye-catching and enlightening data visualisation tools, premium versions of which have been available to major corporate clients since early this year.

Google announced the new Data Studio last week at their annual Performance Summit, before following up with a blog post the next day.

“Data Studio lets you connect to all your marketing data and turn that data into beautiful, informative reports that are easy to understand, share, and fully customizable.” – Google Analytics team

Free Data Studio will allow users to import, compile and present data from multiple sources, including Google Analytics, AdWords and Sheets, as well as external sources like BigQuery. The presentational aids on offer will include pie charts, bar charts and “new visualizations” like bullet charts. Each user account can create up to 5 big data reports – at which point we gather they will be prompted to pay for Data Studio 360.

*Google say free Data Studio is only available in the United States, but it seems to be working for us here in England.

Action it!

Five chances to use Google’s premium data visualisation tool without spending a penny? It certainly sounds worth a try.

Head over to the Google Analytics blog and get a feel for what Data Studio can do – it’s more toolkit than tool, so you’ll need plenty of time to take stock. As you would expect of a Google product, account setup is relatively simple.

So all your data is loaded and nicely packaged in Data Studio… now what? Well, that’s really all down to your team’s culture and configuration. Some users will benefit most from delving deep into a report from the comfort of their desks, whilst some teams will find Data Studio’s visualisations useful for client reports and customer conferences.

If you want to stick to the free version of Data Studio, we would recommend using your five free reports to cover especially important projects covering significant periods of time. Major marketing campaigns, quarterlies or annual reports would all fit the bill nicely.

When your five reports are all used up, assess the insights your company or project has taken from Date Studio alongside insights gleaned from similar reports created by other means – then you’ll know whether or not it would be worth your while to pay to use Data Studio 360 in the future.

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