Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 50 – Discover Microsoft TAG for your mobile campaigns


Discover  Microsoft TAG: The next generation technology for your mobile campaigns -Part 1

Back in August Ciaran spoke with Microsoft,  about TAG, Microsoft’s free  eye catching  mobile 2d code which is setting the standard in the race  to engage with smartphone users. With  Microsoft TAG you can  personalise the customer experience while building your brand and enjoying a raft of valuable campaign metrics and reporting tools that standard QR codes cant hold a candle to.  With TAG you can deliver a richer mobile experience by customizing it based on a consumer’s unique smartphone ID and the number of times they have scanned a TAG, or by bringing their geo-location into play to customise the experience further. Ciaran and Jeff explore the format, what it can do, and how the successful deployment of TAG rich environments for consumers  offers the perfect recipe for mobile marketing success.

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