Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 49 – SEO 101, Beginners guide to Search Engine Optimization


Daniel walks us through the basics of how to get better at Search Engine Optimization (Ok, so it should be spelt Optimisation in the UK but we are talking SEO here 🙂 ) and how to go about helping your site to show up and rank for the search terms that matter for you.

The Podcast looks at:

Keyword Research and Strategy
Keyword Research Tools
On- Page Optimisation
Link Building
Benchmarking SEO

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Note: At one point in the podcast I talk about features of Google Insights and the Google Keyword Tool and I don’t think it sounds 100% clear on what features are available in each. I do clarify later on however! Insights is about trends and Keyword Tool actual number of searches. Thought I’d say it before someone else does 😉

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