'Apple Mail-Geddon!' Episode 280 The Digital Marketing Podcast


One of the most exciting announcements at Apple’s June 2021 event was that they would be updating their Mail App. As a result, Apple Mail Privacy Protection will soon be an option for Apple Mail users.

For Apple Mail users it’s all great news on the privacy front but for marketing it creates some issues. This feature will radically change what you can measure with your email marketing. Are you gating your content to maximise the email addresses you can gain? We explore why that tactic could quickly become a lot less effective.

Discover the impact these changes will have on your email marketing this autumn. Learn what it means for your business right now and what you need to do before these changes take effect.

Useful Links

Read the official announcement from Apple in June

Litmus Commentary on Apple Mail changes. Includes more technical insight into how Apple’s new Privacy Protection feature in Mail Apple Mail works.

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