The Marketing Yulekit - Day 3 Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 254


Daniel and Ciaran share the third of their Yulekit tools. Today we are exploring a fantastic compilation of digital marketing stats on audience behaviour covering the whole globe. With both global, country-specific and specialist reports and data going back to 2012, this is a marketing data gold mine for anyone creating a digital strategy which needs reliable stats you can reference to back up your strategic approach. With the whole archive now keyword searchable on the website, it’s even easier to find the data you need to support your strategic approach.

See you all again tomorrow.

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Data Reportal


Paul R Smith’s SOSTAC® planning model

‘You looked at the Show Notes!’ bonus
Not mentioned in this recording but also super useful…
Take a look at YouGov which publishes lots of searchable research on global public opinion and data company. 

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