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Ciaran speaks to Matt Barnett- founder and CEO of Bonjoro, a platform that helps organisations communicate effectively with individual customers via asynchronous video. Bonjoro has been designed to help you boost customer engagement with perfectly timed personal videos. Master personal video, and build powerful, lasting connections with your customers.

Matt walks us through how businesses are using personal video messages delivered via email to engage and reward customers and to help them take the next steps in their journey as a new or existing customer. Integrate Bonjoro with your existing CRM workflows to send truly personal videos at just the right moments in your customers journey.

Matt shares with Ciaran practical ways marketers can start making use of Bonjoro technology to reach their goals. This type of video is different from other video formats you may have employed. It’s quick, informal, it’s recorded on the fly, and it has honesty and transparency written all over it for your customers. Matt also shares how you can apply these techniques at scale.

If you haven’t tried using one to one video for greater customer engagement, then take a look at what Bonjoro offers and evaluate how it might be a game-changer for your organisation. 

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