Affiliate SEO Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 243


We speak to Mark Whitman from Guernsey, who runs Contentellect, a creative content agency helping people build content that not only ranks but that converts. Mark talks us through SEO for Affiliates. It’s much like Search Engine Optimisation as we all know it but with a massive amount of competition. As we will learn, to succeed in the affiliate world, you really need to sharpen your keyword focus and SEO skills.

Ciaran talks to Mark about what they are finding work and also what steps they follow when trying to get affiliate content to rank organically in the search engines. Listen in and learn how Mark and his team do this and what they have learned works in 2020. How do they go about finding phrases at the near purchase or purchase stage of the user’s search journey?

For anyone looking to create passive income from Affiliate marketing, this interview is going to be of interest, bit for any brands working with Affiliate marketers. We think you just might be inspired by how Affiliate SEO’s go about finding their keywords and using competitors to identify niche content areas you might explore.

Mark explores how to compete in the SERPs when increasingly Google serves up ever more content directly to the user as they request it. Learn how you can structure your content and Schema to make your content more visible to users organically plus a whole bunch of useful tips to help your content get noticed.

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