Neal Schaffer- The Age Of Influence Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 236


Neal Schaffer talks about The Age of Influence, his new definitive guide to influencer marketing. Neal shares with Ciaran his blueprint for successful marketing projects involving influencers

From Fortune 50 enterprises to Grammy Award-Winning musicians, Neal has helped leading brands reach their next level in social media marketing, with his wealth of knowledge and experience. With influencer marketing being such a buzz word, it’s easy to roll your eyes and switch off, but we found Neal’s approach to the influencer marketing world both refreshing and exciting.

Armed with Neal’s approach and guidance, we believe anyone can create inspiring campaigns that work for everyone involved. Give it a try. Working with the power of Influencers to elevate your brand, you may well find not only great success; you might even make an army of new and influential friends along the way.

Listen in and let Neal redefine how you view the online influencer space. Discover tried and tested techniques for amplifying your message and reaching audiences who care about your brand and how you work. 

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The Age Of Influence- The power of Influencers to Elevate your brand

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