Remote working video streaming top tips Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 234


Daniel and Ciaran share their top tips on better remote working using video conferencing and live streaming for meetings and presentations.  

This episode is all about making your remote working self the best you can possibly be. Whether you are running more remote meetings, video chatting with WFH colleagues or speaking to a large online conference, these tips will help you to focus your audience on your message rather than ‘easy to trip up on’ technical failures. 

At Target Internet, we deliver a lot of training remotely and run our whole business with a dispersed team. Over the last few weeks, we have been pushing the boundaries on what we offer via remote learning in terms of length and scale and exploring how we can deliver a good and engaging experience for all taking part. In the light of recent widespread lockdowns and mass working from home, we thought it might be useful for us to share what we have learned and how we approach this.

We explore why we love Zoom, sound and Lighting tips as well as sharing simple ways to connect with and keep your audience engaged. We also discuss video and audio equipment that can help make your life easier.

If you have any of your own tips or tricks on this subject, or you would just like to drop us a line to say hello please do. We really do love hearing from you, and we always reply.

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