Is Social Media Still Social? Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 229


If you enjoyed our interview with the founders of SparkToro, Rand Fishkin and Casey Henry, we have some bonus interview content for you to get stuck into this week. Our chat with Rand and Casey was over an hour long. During that time, we discussed a whole bunch of other things. That’s not unusual when we let Ciaran loose with a mic!… but a lot of what that discussion covered was too good to end up on the cutting room floor, so we share it here for your listening pleasure.

Under discussion, Is Google Search at risk of becoming a walled garden? Startup investment models, Picking a suitable and memorable brand name, and an exploration of just how Social, Social media channels really still are. Listen in, enjoy and discover how Unicorns differ from Zebras in the startup investment world.

We also explore some of the flaws in social metrics and how they reward bad behaviour and mislead unsuspecting marketers. We also discuss the SparkScore and the free Fake follower’s tool spark toro provide for analysing twitter accounts.

Useful Links

Rand Fishkin’s blog post on Google Search traffic clicks


Fake followers tool

Casey’s Twitter account ( follow him!)

Geraldine’s blog on social media harassment

Spark Scores

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