LinkedIn for Digital Marketing Episode 203 The Digital Marketing Podcast


Daniel explores how marketers can make use of their own personal brand via LinkedIn profiles to full effect. Making your posts personal to you can make a massive difference in how others choose to interact with the content you share. LinkedIn is often a much-neglected channel for digital marketers but used correctly it can be so much more than merely sourcing your next career move. With individual engagement often higher than in other channels, mastering LinkedIn can make a real difference to your ability to communicate and network at scale.

Daniel also explores social selling and how to approach selling on LinkedIn without being too pushy. We also discuss changes in LinkedIn Groups, privacy settings, birthday reminders and how others can read between the lines when you post the same content to multiple social networks without really considering what the norms and accepted conventions of each platform are.

We’d love to hear how you are using LinkedIn, or what you think the best platform is for online discussion forums. Please get in touch with or post to this week’s thread in our LinkedIn Group for the podcast

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