Learn Affiliate Marketing Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 199


Back in August, we met up with Bruce Clayton, co-founder of Optimus Performance Marketing, a multi-award-winning affiliate marketing agency dedicated to driving growth and sales for e-commerce business. Specialists in Affiliate marketing, operating across global territories, Bruce and his team have gained an industry-wide reputation for honesty and excellent results.

In our first two-part interview in one episode, Ciaran explores with Bruce exactly what affiliate marketing is and how it works in the first half and then goes on to explore effective tactics and techniques for getting more from your affiliate marketing activities. ( If you are already active in the Affiliate space and want to skip to the discussion on tactics and techniques then skip to 21 minutes in)

Useful Links
Optimus Performance Marketing

Affiliate Networks
Commission Junction
Trade Doubler
Webgains Network

Affiliate sub-network examples

Aggregators example

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