The Digital Darwinism Interview Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 181


Ciaran talks to Tom Goodwin, the Executive Vice President and Head of Innovation at Zenith Media USA about his new book Digital Darwinism which launched this month.

Faced with disruptive technologies, new consumer expectations, and the advent of digital-first super-companies, your business will be left behind unless you act now. How ready is your team for the challenges and opportunities that the rapidly changing world present? Are you ready to invest in your business’s medium to long-term future or are you just playing at investment without really committing to it? Digital Darwinism is your wake-up call that incremental change is not enough: adding technology at the edges and wrapping it in “innovation” just won’t work. We live in a world where thin interface companies like Uber, Airbnb, Alibaba, Amazon, Spotify, and Facebook have achieved unprecedented growth by exploiting gaps in the market left by large legacy corporations.

We explore some of the themes of Tom’s new book including what we can learn from the mistakes of shifting industries of the past when trying to prepare for the digital wave of disruption forever present today. We also explore self-disruption and what it might offer leading businesses prepared to take the risk to stay at the cutting edge of their industries. Digital Darwinism takes a deep dive into what business leaders can do to thrive in the modern age. Will you reject complacency and establish a new perspective on not only how to think about change—but how to actually do something about it?

An industry provocateur and commentator on the future of marketing and business, Tom is a columnist for TechCrunch and Forbes and frequent contributor to The Guardian, GQ, Ad Age, Wired, Ad Week, Inc, MediaPost & Digiday. What Tom has to share in his book and in this interview will resonate with anyone thinking about the path their business should tread to not only stay current but to stay ahead.

Digital Darwinism by Tom Goodwin, published by Kogan Page is out now. Podcast listeners can get a 20% discount on any of Kogan Page books by using the code TDMPODCAST.  Just enter it in at the checkout.

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