Digital Marketing News Update – Steve Jobs Resigns and Social Media Restrictions



Steve Jobs quits Apple

The news that Steve Jobs was resigning as Apple’s CEO came as quite a shock and the reaction has been a stream of comments and tributes published this last week.

There has been a lot of speculation about the reasons behind his resignation and whether poor health might be a factor especially given Jobs has been on medical leave since January this year. But whatever the reason, his departure appears to have rocked the worlds of many and in some of the tributes you start to question whether he resigned or died!

Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt said of Steve Jobs that he “Had an artist’s eye as well as a definition of what great engineering is”. Lovely sentiment but you have to wonder at the sincerity given the open hostility being shown between these two companies recently. Then again I’m sure there are many of Apple’s rivals who are hoping that this move signifies a decline in their biggest competition so they can afford to be a bit generous with their praise.

While it is certainly the end of an era, Jobs is taking on the role of Chairman for Apple and will still be actively involved in the company, working alongside his replacement Tim Cook who I’m sure is feeling a little daunted by his new role.

While well versed in the company’s operations, Cook will need to make sure he continues to build upon Apple’s reputation as the leader in innovation in order to quiet the critics. Apple’s success is not only the super cool and gorgeous looking products it makes but also the speed at which they keep them coming. And Steve Jobs is widely recognised as the force behind this making his resignation a potentially huge blow for Apple.

However, while Cook has been focused on managing the companies operations, he is not a stranger to leading from the top. He stepped into the breach in 2004 when Jobs was battling cancer and then again in 2009. Added to the fact that he’s been covering the role since January this year, it seems he’s proved himself a worthy replacement.

And it seems most people agree. While Apple shares took a small dip following the announcement, they’ve held steady since and nobody seems to be panicking.

With Apple’s plans for further improvements to both the iPhone and the iPad coming in the next year it seems at least for the foreseeable future Apple has a firm plan in place.

The BBC has pulled together a nice collection of quotes reacting to the news.

Social media censorship

While the Government talks last week have not resulted in any firm decisions, it seems that the likes of Twitter and Facebook may still see heavy restrictions in the future during periods of trouble.

While the Home Office has acknowledged the value of being able to use networks for disseminating crucial updates, it still firmly believes that they had a part to play in enabling rioters to communicate more effectively.

However representatives from Facebook, Twitter and Blackberry all said they felt the meeting was positive and productive and focused on how to keep people safe rather than imposing more restrictions.

But given the Government’s line doesn’t appear to have changed following the meeting, it’s hard to see what it actually achieved.

Everyone will have their own opinion on this but it still seems like social media is being used as a bit of a scapegoat. After all, it’s not the first time we’ve experienced unrest in the UK, and in the pre social media era would we even have considered laying the blame at the door of BT or Royal Mail.

Enough said, I’ll climb down from my soapbox for now.


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