Digital Marketing News Update – Facebook Vibes, Digital Agency Fees and Sony Tablet Launch



Facebook to launch music service

It’s no secret that Facebook have been toying with the idea of getting in on the music streaming business and it looks like their offering will be announced during its F8 developer conference this month.

According to sources, Facebook will be bucking the trend by not actually hosting music but merely allowing their service to act as a platform for other products, much like it does for gaming apps.

Apparently the discovery came from software engineer Jeff Rose taking a closer look at the code behind Facebook’s video chat release. In there was reference to ‘Facebook Vibes’ believed to be the app that will be used for streaming music.

We already know that Facebook has teamed up with Spotify and a further partnership with MOG and Rdio has formed the final piece of the jigsaw.

While Facebook have declined to confirm the rumours, they have stated that supporting music streaming is nothing new and they will continue to look at how they develop their support of popular music services.

Facebook will be streaming the F8 conference live at

Digital agency fees on the up

For all the digital marketers out there it seems we are working in the right industry. Following a report from Econsultancy, Digital agencies are seeing a significant increase in their chargeable rates from junior PROs to those working at director level.

And this trend is set to continue with agencies anticipating growth of around 26% in 2011. While the increase is naturally more significant for London based agencies, the trend is being replicated in all areas of the UK with the South East seeing the second largest increase.

There could be many reasons for this, many of us felt the squeeze on in house PR and marketing functions and for a lot of companies these were the first hit by the financial downturn. This meant that more companies are choosing to outsource their activity to agencies rather than employ their own staff.

With the fast growing developments in digital media, its’ often difficult for an in house PRO to keep abreast of the tools and services on offer. This is something that agencies are better able to overcome as they usually work on a variety of projects at the same time and give time dedicated to testing new technology. They also avoid the trap of getting bogged down in a company’s culture and politics, avoiding the ‘we’ve always done it this way’ attitude.

Whatever the reason, its great news for agencies and freelancers as it seems the demand is outweighing the availability so it’s a seller’s market.

Econsultancy have a full report on offer if you’re a member, if not they have a useful summary too.

Sony tablet launched

Sony has launched two new tablets, set to go on sale this Autumn. The two devices Sony, says are set to be an alternative to the iPad rather than replacing it in the market. This is probably a wise move given the problem’s other tablet manufacturers have experienced.

Sony’s S model has two key features which it says sets the device apart from other devices. Firstly it comes with a built in infra red allowing it to act as a remote control for numerous systems including hi-fis and TVs. Sony says this is key to its USP as it means the device is not ‘locked’ to its own products.

The second feature is the ability to hook into digital media stored on a user’s computer or hard drives in their home. The device uses wifi to scan for any available media and direct it to a device that can play it back, meaning the tablet becomes an interface which links up many different systems.

The P model offers all of the above but in an attractive clamshell design, making it highly portable and it looks very cute too. It makes for a great alternative to the Kindle with the added bonus of being a smart little web device too.

They are both nice looking machines and clearly some thought has been given to where Sony can offer something unique. However I’m struggling to see the appeal of what is basically a glorified one for all remote and something else that looks very much like a Nintendo DS with web access for the same price an iPad. Yes that’s right, the price will be virtually the same!

I appreciate I’m a die hard Apple fan but I’m sure most people will agree that if they had a spare £500 in their pocket for a mobile device it probably wouldn’t be going on one of these.

If you’re tempted though, you can watch a short video showing the key features of both.


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