Digital Marketing News – The perfect reason to make more use of G+


Google’s master plan has suddenly started to become a lot clearer with its new and quite frankly very exciting social search feature.

Since Google+ launched there have been a fair amount of general wonderings as to where its social platform was going and what value it was bringing to users. We all struggled a little to see what it was bringing to our already cluttered online lives but we should have known Google had a plan worth waiting for.

And here it is! Social search! According to Google’s blog, as well as the standard search ‘You should also be able to find your own stuff on the web, the people you know and things they’ve shared with you, as well as the people you don’t know but might want to… all from one search box.’

Once the update is rolled out over the next few days you will start to see search results from your personal networks, particularly from Google+.

New results will cover three main categories; Personal Results, Profiles in Search and People and Pages.

Personal Results will show results that only you can see as they will be pulled from our current contacts and networks.
Profiles in Search will help you to find people who are looking for. The autocomplete feature will try to predict who you are looking for and take you straight to their profile.
People and Pages will point you at people who are talking about the query you’ve entered, with a nifty new link to add them to your circles right away.

Google has dubbed this new collection as ‘Search plus Your World’ and this lovely little clip explains what it’s all about.

All of this suddenly gives users a very good reason to sign up to Google+ and for those us already using it we’ll be keen to expand our networks as quickly as possible.

This also adds weight to Google’s recent decision to encrypt searches made by signed in users. The additional security will be fundamental to ensuring personal data isn’t shared accidentally.

All in all this is a really interesting move by Google who must right now be feeling pretty pleased with themselves. They’ve kept this under wraps and borne the sneers and sniggers at its social offering from the likes of Twitter and Facebook who dismissed Google as a small time player. Cue evil genius laugh……

Well done Google!

Anyone interested in adding me to their circles?

Written by Felice Ayling

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