Digital Marketing News – Samsung Vs Apple! The War Rages On



Apple and Samsung tablets

Apple and Samsung fighting over similarities

Samsung and Apple are due to end up in court again, but this time its Samsung swinging the punches. It claims Apple is using patents owned by Samsung that relate to the 3G Wireless used in most smartphones.

Because smartphones rely on the technology, Samsung is obliged to allow usage by other manufacturers, providing they negotiate terms with Samsung.

It seems Apple didn’t follow the right procedures and license the iPhone 4S before launching it and Samsung is now pushing for a sales ban in France and Germany.

This follows months of rows between the two companies following several lawsuits Apple has brought against Samsung products. The actions have resulted in Samsung’s Galaxy tablet being banned from sales in Germany, an impending ban on its smartphones in the Netherlands and it’s believed Samsung has postponed the launch of its tablet in Australia while it waits for things to settle down.

That looks unlikely to be anytime soon now that they’ve brought a suit against Apple, and while you can understand the urge to get their own back was too great, it does smack of sour grapes.

I think Samsung had the perfect opportunity to take the high road here and at least give Apple the chance to negotiate terms before heading straight into court.

And of course it all starts to sound really quite silly when you consider that the pair signed an agreement back in February for Samsung to provide components for Apple’s products, including screens for some of their smartphones and tablets. And what did Apple first sue Samsung for in April? Allegedly copying the design of its smartphones and tablets! Anyone else find this slightly ridiculous.

Still, a good legal battle between companies of this size is always quite entertaining.


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