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Microsoft announces Window 8 operating system.

Windows 8 operating systemWindows has previewed its new operating system which it claims is a significant step forward from Windows 7, and is now fully designed to work as well on tablet as it does on desktop.

Previous versions of Windows have not run well on tablet, though its desktop performance has kept it a firm favourite of PC users.

The new tablet version, known as Metro, offers Windows the first opportunity to enter the tablet market with a very real competitor.

Metro has also been designed to work on processors designed by ARM holdings which use significantly less power than the previous Intel processors and mean less drain on the battery.

This alliance is a huge step for both Microsoft and ARM, which are a small UK based manufacturer. It gives Microsoft an edge over its competitors and together with its tablet interface could prove to be a winning combination.

And if the new development partnership between Google and Intel is anything to go by, they aren’t the only ones who think so. This partnership’s key focus is to manufacturer a low power consumption chip that is compatible with Android operating system and allows the battery to run longer.

The Windows 8 mobile operating system sees a definite move away from the look and feel of its previous products, while the desktop version looks very similar to Windows 7, it does seem to provide a much more intuitive user experience.

And it’s the tablet that has created the real buzz, with its ability to switch between tablet and desktop mode and the interface designed specifically for touch screen, it offers the first mobile product from Microsoft that truly feels designed for its purpose.

There are still a few areas that still need ironing out but all in all the product is looking promising and shows that Microsoft are still firmly in the game, or at least are on the field. Its biggest challenge will be offering all it promises alongside a price tag that rivals its competitors.

If you want to take a closer look, IntoMobile have a first look video from the unveiling at Build 2011 conference.

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