Digital Marketing News – Microsoft Surface fails to impress


Well it’s been a bad week for Microsoft who have been hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

What should have been a good news story last week turned into a media debacle when Microsoft announced its much talked about new Windows 8 Tablet ‘Surface’.

While it was speculated to be next big thing to rival the iPad, unfortunately it appears that the latest offering from Microsoft is rather aptly named, in that only on the surface does it demonstrate even an ounce of the creativity and design required to knock the iPad off its perch. Even a slight nudge is still very far from a possibility.

Surface really just appears to be a typical Windows machine re-skinned as a touch screen, opting for the same operating system as opposed to designing a system specifically around a tablet device. When you consider the lengths Apple went to in designing the iPad operating system to be unique, and take into account the very specific requirements that makes the iPad so desirable, it’s hard to imagine how Surface can even begin to compete.

It seems that Microsoft just can’t break away from its image of going for the safe option rather than putting itself out there in the name of innovation and exploration.

Having seen the steady flow of reviews it seems I am not alone in being completely underwhelmed by Microsoft’s big news. With scathing reviews and headlines such as ‘Why Microsoft’s Surface Tablet Shames the PC Industry’ Microsoft is taking a battering from all sides.

And as if that weren’t bad enough, they have had to contend with the mild embarrassment of their new super toy failing in the middle of a demo during its unveiling in LA. Not the moment you want your product to fail. But having said that, with all the negative press it’s been getting it actually seems rather fitting.

If you’ve not seen the video, or if you have and want to relive the humiliation I’ve popped it in below. If you don’t spot it, keep watching Steve Sinofsky’s
hands while he desperately tries to get it working again.

I think the message is clear; nice try Microsoft, come back to us when you’ve tried a bit harder.

Written by Felice Ayling


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