Digital Marketing News – Latest Update 9


Our roundup of research insights and best practice advice from the month

On the 30th April 2013 the WWW was officially twenty years old. We certainly owe a debt of gratitude to Sir Tim Berner’s Lee, not only for the invention, but also his dedication to keeping it open through his work with the The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and other non-commercial organisations.

He talked animatedly at TED about his experiences and what he hopes the web will bring in the future.


Strategy and planning

  • The evolving skills of the modern marketer – one of most popular posts this month shows in a visual way what success on today’s WWW requires, particularly with integrating with other channels of course.
  • The visual below shows how marketers need to be both creative and scientific in their approach to the web, something Target Internet has been talking extensively about over the past few years and we have a training module covering our approach to content marketing.

Evolving skills

  • In fact all web creation is becoming more an art form than a simple set of rules and terms such as ‘responsive’ and ‘user centred design’ are now everywhere when looking at how we build platforms and share information. Mashable have heralded 2013 as the year of responsive web design.
  • The latest inbound content marketing research Marked by the Fifth annual Hubspot report, Smart Insights have provided a useful summary of this 175 page report to see the tactics which are working and the challenges to be managed.
  • Benchmarking content marketing – in this post from Smart Insights Dave summarises the state of managing content marketing from their informal poll and Lee Odden’s content marketing webcast.
  • If you missed it, Target Internet recently posted a useful template and instructions for managing content creation and publication.

Social media marketing

Twitter targeting

Search marketing

  • This post from Target Internet gives you a chance to see the slides presented during a recent webinar for the CIM on Pay Per Click Advertising. 
  • 5 approaches to improve Google+ Smart Insight’s new commentator on the intersection of search and social marketing, Rhian Simms, shared examples of 5 approaches based on her learnings from Brighton SEO. If you’re involved in SEO, don’t miss the round-up of presentations at the end of this post if you couldn’t attend.
  • A briefing on Rel=“me” – A tutorial on using Google+ to protect your brand using this new Google authorship technique.

User experience, analytics and conversion optimisation


Email marketing and CRM

  • Proving the ROI of Email marketing – Mark Brownlow’s summary shows that email marketing is second only to organic SEO for ROI. This is the approximate £ return for every £ spent according to the UK DMA.
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